What Semifore Does

Software engineers outnumber hardware engineers by 5X or more for a typical advanced semiconductor design. Complex software algorithms must control a growing array of specialized processors and hardware accelerators to deliver a robust product.

The hardware/software interface (HSI) provides the technology for software to control this hardware and it forms the foundation of the entire design project. Semifore’s CSRCompiler™ system automates the creation of this foundation.

How Semifore Enables Design Team Innovation

The CSRCompiler™ system generates high quality synthesizable RTL to build the HSI and outputs the detailed HSI formats required by the relevant teams. Through many years of development, the CSRCompiler system delivers extensive error checking and validation, with over 1,000 checks built in.

All inputs are verified for semantic and syntactic correctness. Design practices that can lead to sub-optimal results are also flagged.

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