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Wes Kirk 2

By |2016-04-13T03:57:16+00:00April 12th, 2016|Quote|

"Our group had always used home grown scripting tools but the maintenance became too much of an issue and it was costing us a lot of time due to research and debug of the tool itself. That was why we bought CSRCompiler - let someone else be the experts in this technology so that we [...]

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Wes Kirk 1

By |2016-04-13T12:20:20+00:00April 12th, 2016|Quote|

"We purchased CSRCompiler for register automation. The usage of the tool was very successful and I highly recommend it. It is very flexible and easy to use and it keeps the whole team synchronized and the process automated" Wes Kirk, Senior Architect

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Paul Scheidt 1

By |2016-04-13T12:21:13+00:00April 12th, 2016|Quote|

"It is a pleasure to work with the Semifore team. They have a very practical attitude in terms of working to automate existing proven methodologies and supporting the industry standards we rely on such as IP-XACT, SystemVerilog, UVM and SGML." Paul Scheidt, Senior Member of Technical Staff Altera (now part of Intel)

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Gabe Moretti

By |2017-12-09T23:29:29+00:00April 11th, 2016|Quote|

Semifore was founded in 2006 and is an on-going healthy company that offers an advanced compiler for specification, verification, documentation, and implementation of configuration, status registers and address maps for complex designs. Semifore is self-funded, profitable, and with a healthy list of customers that include a significant number of tier 1 companies. It is clear [...]

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Fusion-io, Inc.

By |2016-04-13T12:22:23+00:00April 11th, 2016|Quote|

“Keeping up with a fast-moving, ever changing design can be hard for a verification team. Using CSRCompiler my team has been able to increase the quality of our design verification and continue to react quickly and effectively to the needs of our most demanding, fast-paced customers, as well as win new high-value deals for us [...]

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