The power behind the CoStar Design Director platform, CSRCompiler provides orders-of-magnitude performance improvements while solving complex SoC issues. A true cross compiler engine with over 1000 functional, behavioral, syntactic, and semantic error checks, it is extremely fast and generates superior quality synthesizable RTL. Proven to compile over one million configuration and status registers in minutes, CSRCompiler automates all views and formats for register design. Innate to the compiler is its ability to lint intellectual property from third-party or internal legacy data, ensuring data is clean, verified and ready for use.

CSRCompiler accepts IP-XACT, SystemRDL, spreadsheets and internal formats to generate both industry standard output and output customized for design teams. Find out more about our standards support.

  • True cross compiler produces all required views, formats
  • Generates thousands of registers in seconds
  • Produces highest quality synthesizable RTL
  • Lints third-party IP
  • Over 1,000 error checks

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