Semifore Evaluation Program

Put our methodology under the microscope – in your own environment

During our structured 30-day evaluation we work with qualified companies to show the benefits of the Semifore methodology in their intended flow and identify factors or capabilities that will facilitate adoption, cross-team communication and production deployment.

Our intention is that after the evaluation you are production ready – the methodology is tuned for your environment and your team(s) understand its power and benefits.

To ensure that we make the most of the evaluation period we work with you to define the following before it starts:

  • Definition of success – what are your goals?
  • Identify the responsible engineer(s) who will be conducting the evaluation
  • Identify the responsible line manager
  • Identify the cross functional project teams and their locations
  • Identify the critical input and output formats
  • Identify the target design to be tested

Contact us to arrange an evaluation.