Corporate Fact Sheet


Semifore is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Company History

Semifore was founded in 2006 and is privately held.

Management Team

Richard Weber, Founder and CEO
Jamsheed Agahi, Founder and VP Quality
Herb Winsted, Vice President, Business Development

Company Backgrounder

Semifore Company Backgrounder

Company Overview

Semifore’s CSRCompiler™ system builds the foundation for embedded software in advanced semiconductor designs. This foundation is known as the hardware/software interface (HSI) and it allows software to communicate with the hardware it controls. RTL design, firmware development, verification and technical publications all rely on a correctly implemented HSI to ensure a robust product.

These teams also rely on accurate, up to date HSI information in many specialized formats to facilitate effective collaboration. CSRCompiler generates a verified HSI and all the formats needed by these teams. This frees the design team to focus on innovation, knowing the design foundation is solid.

Markets served include Aerospace, Communications & Networking, Semiconductor, Graphics and Medical industries.


Semifore’s methodology improves designer productivity and interoperability efficiency by as much as 70%. This methodology encompasses the CSRCompiler system and the CSRSpec™ language.

CSRCompiler forms the cornerstone of the methodology. It is extremely fast with the capacity to compile thousands of registers in seconds. CSRSpec provides a single source to specify the register behavior and address map hierarchy of a design. A terse and easy to understand language, it expands to high-quality RTL ready for design synthesis.

The outputs of CSRCompiler can be fully customized, no matter the application, with no additional scripting or manual intervention needed. Advantages include the ability to produce accurate, concise design descriptions; to validate and integrate clean third-party intellectual property and legacy designs; to generate fast, single source high quality RTL; and to instantly document revisions for each functional team. The Semifore methodology is easily integrated into internal design flows and commercial tools and supports industry standards, including IP-XACT, SystemRDL and UVM.


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