Agile Design Flow

Semifore’s CSRCompiler provides the scalable infrastructure to automate all aspects of the hardware/software interface (HW/SW interface) requirements throughout the entire design organization, enabling best practices, and removing technical and business risks. The Semifore Total Register Automation Methodology propagates the HW/SW interface information to ensure successful product delivery in an efficient, functionally correct, and timely manner.

The HW/SW interface has both grown in complexity and become an essential design component used by architects, RTL implementers, verification engineers, software developers and technical writers. Each discipline requires access to the HW/SW interface information in a specific format to complete their deliverables. In development organizations the HW/SW interface specification and implementation is typically very dynamic, and requires multiple iterations based on feedback from the various teams.

Given this exponential increase in complexity and the need for better communication between the different teams, Semifore created CSRCompiler, the single source CSRSpec language, and the associated Total Register Automation Methodology specifically to provide the following benefits:

  • Advanced single source specification language
  • Early engagement by all teams in the definition phase
  • Instantaneous access to customized views for all teams
  • Elimination of errors due to manual processes
  • Continuous and fast iteration capability

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